I have always been a writer. From my earliest stories written in crayon on construction paper, words were my first love. Of course, I’ve been lucky enough to have other significant loves—hello to my husband and children!—and through it all the words were always there. Just waiting for their moment to come out.

And in 2017, they did just that,  when I completed my first women’s fiction manuscript. The next novel followed in 2018. Then in 2019, I signed with my literary agent and sold my first book.

My debut novel – CAN’T TAKE IT BACK – will be released as an Audible Original in April 2020.

In the rare moments where I’m not writing, you can find me spending time with my lovely family around my equally lovely hometown of Vancouver, BC. Even then, I always have a notebook in my purse. Just in case more words demand to be written.


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