Last December, through social media, I came across a group of writers that were all releasing their debut novels in 2020. These 2020 Debuts had come together in an effort to help cross-promote their releases and support each other through this new and exciting time. It is a fantastic group and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

One of my fellow debuts – Anita Kushwaha – had the great idea of conducting Q&A’s with other authors and sharing them on her blog. I thought it was such a great idea I decided (with her permission) to steal it.

I love reading interviews with authors and learning about their personal writing processes and inspirations. And I love that I get to share some Q&A’s with some incredible writers here on my own website.

There will be interviews with a mix of both established and debut authors and it’s my hope that you will find them entertaining, informative and motivational. And of course, they will also help you find some great new books to add to your must-have lists.

Stay tuned for the first interview early next week.

NOTE: If you are a writer and want to participate please send me a message via the contact page and we can make that happen.

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