Review: Side Trip by Kerry Lonsdale

This book was a wonderfully paced, emotional journey that took me on quite the ride (pardon the pun). Deftly combining humor and heart, SIDE TRIP is a story about love but it is so much more than a love story. 

side tripI love Kerry Lonsdale’s writing and this book might just be my favorite yet. It deals with complex emotions in a deeply relatable way that had me both rooting for Joy and Dylan while also resigned to what I expected the ending to be. But as Lonsdale is a master at incorporating unexpected twists and turns into her stories, the ending was a complete surprise. 

I sped through the book, unable to get the characters out of my head and desperate to know what would happen to them. For me, the true sign of a great book is when I am both sad to reach the end but satisfied with the journey that got me there. That was precisely the case with SIDE TRIP. I highly recommend you pick up a copy.

Thank you to Lake Union Publishing for the advance reading copy.

Visit the author’s website to get your copy.

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