Review: The Exit Strategy by Lainey Cameron

I was very excited to get my hands on an early copy of THE EXIT STRATEGY and it did not disappoint.

Debut author Lainey Cameron uses her inside knowledge of Silicon Valley to craft a fast-paced and timely novel about two women who find strength in their unlikely friendship and work together to right the wrongs in their male-dominated workplaces.

The story is told through dual POVs – venture capitalist Ryn Brennan and technology start-up owner Carly Santos – and both women (along with a strong supporting cast of characters) are written with great depth and nuance. Cameron’s sharp prose and quick pacing make this a definite page-turner.

THE EXIT STRATEGY is a #MeToo book for the tech industry but it also so much more. It is a story about the strength of female friendships and the strength we all have inside. Both of which we sometimes need a little reminder of. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading whatever Cameron writes next.

Thanks to the author for the advance reading copy.

THE EXIT STRATEGY releases on July 8. Visit the author’s website to order your copy.

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