After The Break

Abigail Lane has dreamed of anchoring the evening news since she was a little girl and with her journalism degree in hand and a new job at Channel 7 News in Seattle, she is well on her way. Determined not to let anything distract her from her goal, Abby even swears off men…until Seth Hartley enters her life. While he definitely wasn’t in her carefully laid plans, Abby knows right away he’s worth the recalculation.

The arrival of a beautiful and cutthroat newsroom competitorplus the return of an ex she never really got over—combine to push Abby’s dream even further away. So when a drunken quickie results in a very much unplanned pregnancy Abby refuses to let it slow her down and instead focuses all of her efforts on her career.

When she receives a tip that could finally be her big break Abby races to out-scoop her rival and has an accident resulting in her baby’s premature birth.

In that instant everything changes and Abby has to face the rippling impacts her own actions have on the people she loves most.

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