Review: The Butterfly Effect by Rachel Mans McKenny

There is something so fantastic about falling in love with a book that has an unlikable and, at times unpleasant, protagonist. A person that you find yourself rooting for even as she treats the people around her badly. That was exactly what I found in THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT and I loved every chapter.  Greta Oto … Continue reading Review: The Butterfly Effect by Rachel Mans McKenny

How to Research Literary Agents

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how I determined which agents I wanted to query. Creating my list was definitely one of the most daunting parts of starting the querying process. There are just so many great agents out there and that makes figuring out where to start completely overwhelming. The … Continue reading How to Research Literary Agents


There have been many times over the past six months where I have had to convince myself that things would, eventually, get better. Times where I had to talk myself into pasting a smile on my face and adopting a positivity I didn't feel. Times where I said things like "This too shall pass." and … Continue reading Hope.