Q&A with Eddy Boudel Tan

One of the greatest things about the writing community is meeting other authors from all over the world. But there is still something special about meeting one in my own hometown. That's Eddy. A kindred writing soul from right here in Vancouver. We first connected over potential launch party venues in our fair city (before … Continue reading Q&A with Eddy Boudel Tan

Q&A with Kat Turner

In case you didn't already know this, the 2020 Debuts are a seriously talented and wonderfully supportive group of authors. I am so grateful to have connected with them and that so many of them have shared their Q&A's with me. Today I'm excited to feature Kat Turner. Kat's debut novel—HEX, LOVE AND ROCK & … Continue reading Q&A with Kat Turner

Q&A with Ashley Sands

The writing community is a truly amazing and wonderful group of supportive, encouraging people that bond over shared experiences and emotions. It is also a community that is often broken down into many smaller subsets such as genre, format, launch date and publisher. As a fellow Audible Original author, Ashley Sands is not only my … Continue reading Q&A with Ashley Sands

Q&A with Ashley R. King

Today I am very excited to share another Q&A from one of my fellow 2020 Debut Authors. When I first joined the group late last year I was immediately drawn to Ashley. She is the ultimate cheerleader for her fellow authors, always the first to like or share a post and celebrate each accomplishment no … Continue reading Q&A with Ashley R. King