Best of Women’s Fiction Interview with Lainey Cameron

Last week I was thrilled to be invited to chat with fellow 2020 Debut Lainey Cameron for a new video series she was launching to highlight "The Best of Women's Fiction". Each week Lainey will be interviewing a women's fiction author on Instagram TV and asking questions about the inspiration behind their book and advice … Continue reading Best of Women’s Fiction Interview with Lainey Cameron

Today I Became a Published Author

Last night, my husband and I stayed up until midnight, watching the countdown on my Instagram Stories tick off the seconds until a lifelong dream came true. At 12:00:01 we both cheered (quietly as the kids were sleeping) and I refreshed the page on Audible where my debut novel switched from "Coming Soon" to "New … Continue reading Today I Became a Published Author

My book comes out this year!

The transition to a new decade is a big deal. And we welcomed 2020 in style; sipping champagne in our hotel room in Mexico while the kids slept and fireworks we couldn't see boomed from down the beach. It was truly special. In all seriousness though, the best part of welcoming this particular new year … Continue reading My book comes out this year!

My First Window Display

I came home tonight to find my husband and youngest daughter both smiling like the cat that caught the canary. "Should we tell her?" he asked. "Definitely," she said. "What are you two up to?" My curiosity was definitely piqued now. "I put a surprise for you in the Christmas Village," my husband responded. "You … Continue reading My First Window Display

This. Is. Happening.

My debut novel is! I am so very excited that CAN'T TAKE IT BACK has found a home at Audible and will be released as an Audible Original in 2020! The past few months of negotiation and discussion have been nerve-wracking, to say the least, but now that the ink is dry on the … Continue reading This. Is. Happening.