Horseferry Road

Emma Huckle has never forgotten that hot August night in 1940 when she made the decision to ask her little sister to walk home alone during the blackout so she could talk to a handsome soldier. Rose never made it home—another young woman lost to the darkness of war-torn London—and Emma never admitted to her family the role she played in her disappearance. 

For the next 60 years, as her own life moved on, Emma vowed to never move away from their flat on Horseferry Road in the hopes Rose might come home again. Now 83, widowed and aged, she must reluctantly move away into a care home. Her youngest granddaughter – a writer – moves into 3F in her place and Emma asks her to write the story of her life. Including the parts she’s never told anyone before.

Told through dual POVs and over a span of more than 70 years, HORSEFERRY ROAD follows Emma’s journey from her childhood in post-WW1 London to her teen years during the Blitz and right through to the modern-day.

It is a story of love, loss, regret, and family.

Read an excerpt HERE.

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