Path to Publication: First Listen

Admittedly my path to publication has been slightly different given that my book is coming out exclusively as an Audible Original audiobook. While some of the steps have been the same there have been some that are very distinctly audio-only. One of those is the first listen. I would equate this to the unboxing of … Continue reading Path to Publication: First Listen

Q&A with Alex Kiester

When I learned that my debut novel was going to be released as an Audible Original audiobook, one of the first things I did was search for other authors that had taken the same path to publication. My search led me to the lovely Alex Kiester. Alex's debut novel—a fantastic and twisty thriller called In … Continue reading Q&A with Alex Kiester

Path to Publication: Querying

After finishing my second novel on New Years' Eve 2018, I focused on becoming more comfortable introducing myself as a writer. And as such, I got used to the exchange that inevitably followed this revelation: Person: That's cool, what have you written? Me: I've got two finished novels that I'm actively querying. Person: That you're … Continue reading Path to Publication: Querying