Q&A with Robyn Harding

Is there anything better than finding out one of your favourite writers is from your hometown? That's exactly what happened to me after I bought The Party by Robyn Harding, devoured it in a couple of days and read the author bio. I was so inspired to find out that a fellow Vancouver-ite had found … Continue reading Q&A with Robyn Harding

Q&A with Kelly Charron

Back when we were still allowed to go out to events and spend time with people outside of our own homes, I attended a brunch with Karma Brown. At the event, I connected with a few of my favourite local book people (Hi Robyn! Hi Dany!) and had the pleasure of meeting a few for … Continue reading Q&A with Kelly Charron

Q&A with Anita Kushwaha

Connecting with other authors on social media has been incredibly helpful to me as I prepare for my own book release. They have all been amazing but finding a fellow Canadian that writes the same genre and is a genuinely wonderful and supportive human being was a major bonus I received when I connected with … Continue reading Q&A with Anita Kushwaha

Q&A with Alison Hammer

I hope you all are staying safe and sane during these trying times. As I wrote about previously this is a very strange time to be a debut author. We are all struggling to accept that our first babies are launching in a world that is forever changed. Since my book is releasing as a … Continue reading Q&A with Alison Hammer

Q&A with Samantha Vérant

One of the best parts of becoming a debut author has been the community of writers I have met and connected with through social media. Being able to share this once in a lifetime journey with all of them has been a really special gift. A gift made even more unique given the situation the … Continue reading Q&A with Samantha Vérant