Path to Publication: Acknowledgments

Writing my acknowledgments was a part of the publishing process I was equally excited about and dreading. It's so much pressure! What if I forgot someone? What if I called out one person specifically and someone else took offense? The acknowledgments were my chance to give thanks to all of the people that helped me … Continue reading Path to Publication: Acknowledgments

Tough Year To Be A Debut Author

Every writer dreams of the day their first book is published. Sure we hope to publish more than one, but that first one—that debut—well that one is special. This year, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many debut authors (including myself) are facing a situation that no one could have ever predicted and none … Continue reading Tough Year To Be A Debut Author

Path to Publication: The Cover

Throughout the process of writing and querying, I was often asked if I had any thoughts about what my cover would look like. And the truth is yes and no. I had some ideas in my head but I never let myself get that far ahead in my thinking. Cut to a few months ago—after … Continue reading Path to Publication: The Cover

My book comes out this year!

The transition to a new decade is a big deal. And we welcomed 2020 in style; sipping champagne in our hotel room in Mexico while the kids slept and fireworks we couldn't see boomed from down the beach. It was truly special. In all seriousness though, the best part of welcoming this particular new year … Continue reading My book comes out this year!

This. Is. Happening.

My debut novel is! I am so very excited that CAN'T TAKE IT BACK has found a home at Audible and will be released as an Audible Original in 2020! The past few months of negotiation and discussion have been nerve-wracking, to say the least, but now that the ink is dry on the … Continue reading This. Is. Happening.