Path to Publication: Editing & Revising

While in the process of writing my novel, I'd heard it said that writing the book was only half the battle. Of course, I hoped I'd learn this was not true but sadly—as any writer can attest—it's not only true but possibly a gross understatement. Typing THE END on a manuscript is an incredible moment. … Continue reading Path to Publication: Editing & Revising

My book comes out this year!

The transition to a new decade is a big deal. And we welcomed 2020 in style; sipping champagne in our hotel room in Mexico while the kids slept and fireworks we couldn't see boomed from down the beach. It was truly special. In all seriousness though, the best part of welcoming this particular new year … Continue reading My book comes out this year!

Far from home on Mother’s Day

When I planned this trip I didn't notice that I was going to be away on Mother's Day. And when I figured it out I thought "No big deal. The kids won't care. And who wouldn't want to spend Mother's Day in Paris?" The reality of today has been sobering. It didn't feel like Mother's … Continue reading Far from home on Mother’s Day