NaNoWriMo 2020 Success!

This year has been a complete dumpster fire. But amongst all the anxiety, concern, pandemic baking and home schooling, there have been a few moments to celebrate. I had one of those tonight at 5:42pm when I tracked my words for the day and officially crossed the 50,000 mark to win NaNoWriMo 2020. This is … Continue reading NaNoWriMo 2020 Success!

Q&A with Sherri Leimkuhler

It's been a month since my debut novel released into the world but I will never forget the first time I was able to say, "Today I am a published author." For Sherri Leimkuhler, another one of my wonderful fellow 2020 Debut authors, today is the day she gets to say those magical words for … Continue reading Q&A with Sherri Leimkuhler

Q&A with Kelly Charron

Back when we were still allowed to go out to events and spend time with people outside of our own homes, I attended a brunch with Karma Brown. At the event, I connected with a few of my favourite local book people (Hi Robyn! Hi Dany!) and had the pleasure of meeting a few for … Continue reading Q&A with Kelly Charron

Today I Became a Published Author

Last night, my husband and I stayed up until midnight, watching the countdown on my Instagram Stories tick off the seconds until a lifelong dream came true. At 12:00:01 we both cheered (quietly as the kids were sleeping) and I refreshed the page on Audible where my debut novel switched from "Coming Soon" to "New … Continue reading Today I Became a Published Author

Q&A with Anita Kushwaha

Connecting with other authors on social media has been incredibly helpful to me as I prepare for my own book release. They have all been amazing but finding a fellow Canadian that writes the same genre and is a genuinely wonderful and supportive human being was a major bonus I received when I connected with … Continue reading Q&A with Anita Kushwaha